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NFRC, National Federation of Roofing Contractors & DATAC, Design & Technology Accredited Contractor.

We have various Testimonials listed on this site. If a trade reference is required then please feel to contact myself, Jason Wilkins.

Yes, although there will be an additional charge for this service.

You will not have any problems with our workmanship. All our new roofs come with a minimum 10 year guarantee. An insurance backed guarantee is also available.

Yes. We fit Solar Thermal and Solar PV panel systems for MCS approved companies.

This is highly unlikely but may be possible given certain conditions. A good quality GRP flat roof installed correctly will probably last around 30 years, possibly longer if maintained well.

No. CrysticROOF & CrysticRoof Premier have been developed by one of the most technologically advanced Polymer companies in the world. There are numerous other GRP roof systems on the market that use re-blended resins, inferior imported trims and have guarantees that have no independent backing rendering them worthless. This is why we only use Scott Baders CrysticROOF system.

It is never good practice to board directly over the original felt roof. For one, the integrity of the decking and underlying structure could not be determined. The felt covering should be removed so that the decking can be inspected. If chipboard is found then this should be removed whatever the condition and replaced with OSB3 or a good quality soft faced plywood.

Boarding over a failing felt roof would seriously reduce the lifespan of the new GRP roof and could lead to condensation problems.

A warm roof is a flat roof with the insulation on top of the decking, not in the roof void. The roof system is then fitted directly onto this or onto further decking.

This type of roof construction is now the industry standard on new builds and is far more economical than traditional cold roof construction where fibreglass or rockwool was fitted between the roof joists.

No. The integrity of the covering will not be affected, although standing water will attract dirt and can start to look unsightly if not cleaned from time-to-time. It would be a good idea to have the falls improved/increased whilst the flat roof is being replaced. This is something we would advise you on at the quoting stage.

Yes. Light foot traffic would not be a problem, although we would incorporate an anti-slip surface onto the final coating.

Not all GRP roof systems are fire rated, although it is often assumed that they are. However, CrysticROOF Premier is fire retardant to BS 476 part 3 and classified EXT.F.AB.

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is an organisation partnered with the Government.

The BBA provides authoritative and independent information on the performance of building products. Assessment involves three distinct areas; laboratory testing, site inspections undertaken by the BBA’s own Inspection Services team and factory production control.

CrysticROOF Premier is just emerging from the accelerated aging process used in the new type of BBA testing and will be the only GRP flatroof system with a true 25 year durability guarantee under this testing.

CrysticRoof GRP has a smooth dark grey topcoat as standard, although other colours are available on request. As the system is moulded in situ using modified Polyester resins and glass fibre matting, the roof covering has no joints or seams. It is completely monolithic.

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